About AHP

What is Alpha Eta Rho?

Alpha Eta Rho (AHP) is an international aviation co-ed fraternity and composed of more than 50,000 alumni. Founded in spring of 1929 it seeks to instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation and its safety. AHP strives to promote contact between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession, while constantly improving aviation education and research in the field. This close association, strengthened through the bonds of an international aviation fraternity, establishes opportunities for all members in their relation to aviation and inspires interest and cooperation among those in the profession who are also members of Alpha Eta Rho.

We strive to carry out these purposes:
  • To further the cause of aviation in all its branches.
  • To instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation.
  • To promote contacts between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession.
  • To promote a closer affiliation between the students of aviation for the purposes of education and research.

Why you should join Alpha Eta Rho?
You should join AHP if you:
  • Have a strong interest in Aviation (Although a degree in Aviation/Aerospace is common it is not required)
  • Like to meet new people and hang out with people who also have interests in aviation
  • Like to travel places to tour/see aviation related facilities
  • Like to Meet professionals in the Aviation industry
  • Like eating

Concerned about joining a fraternity?
Many people are hesitant about joining a fraternity due to the typical animal house, old school, and other associated stereotypes; but many people don’t know that there are multiple types of fraternities. We are a co-ed professional fraternity dedicated to furthering the cause of aviation. This doesn’t mean we are a no fun operation, but rather we like to take care of business and have fun at the same time. So come help us promote aviation, while having a blast.

How to join Alpha Eta Rho?
Anyone can attend our open business meetings. In order to join our local chapter of AHP we require that members go through a pledge process. The pledge process encompasses multiple weeks and typically starts near the beginning of each semester with a rush week. After the rush week the pledge process en-tales attending business meetings, completing small lesson plans, going through interviews, and working on group projects with fellow pledges. This may seem daunting but the process is designed to show your interests, expose you to job-like interviews, allow you to meet all of us and your pledge brothers, and overall be a fun and entertaining time. If you have any questions please contact one of our officers or attend a business meeting.

Contacting Alpha Eta Rho?

If you have more questions about AHP that you would like to have answered before visiting please contact one of our officers.

Typical Rush Week Events:

  • Pizza and Pop Informational Night
  • Game Night (Dave & Busters)
  • Bowling
  • Hockey or Baseball Game
  • Movie Night
  • Wing Night

Past Events

  • Tour of Goodyear Hangar
  • Tour of NetJets
  • Tour of AirNet
  • Tour of Republic Airways
  • Tour of Southwest Airlines at KCMH
  • AHP National Conference
  • Alumni Gatherings
  • Winter Retreats
  • Spring Formals
  • Trips to Wright Patt AFM
  • Spring BBQs
  • And More!